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IVIVO media player 1.6

A complex media system that enables you to search, play and organize media
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IVIVO Media Player is a complex media system that enables you to search, play and organize all types of digital media: music, video, pictures, etc. IVIVO Media Player is a high-definition video player with advanced recording capabilities, which enable it to record more video content onto a DVD-R/DVD-RW. IVIVO also allows you to stream your videos and audio on the Internet or intranet. When sharing your media, you can manage more than one media server that delivers the video content to clients and friends.

You are presented with a nice-looking video player, with Guide, Service, and Tools menus. The IVIVO Media Guide allows you to choose between video or audio playlist categories: you can choose channels by country, content (music, news, etc.), and origin (Youtube, NatGeo, etc.). With IVIVO Tools you can convert your videos for playback on new portable devices. This is achieved thanks to the so-called transcoder, which allows conversion from one file format into another.

A good feature of IVIVO is that it can play high-quality videos even if your computer is pretty old. Even a Pentium II processor will do.

The program is shareware with a trial period of 90 days.

Luis Sanchez
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  • High-definition recording
  • Capable of playing high-quality videos on older computers


  • Shareware, somewhat expensive
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